Premature Death May be Caused by GranuFlo

A lawsuit was filed by a woman from Mississippi after her husband died with claims against the dialysis treatment given by Fresenius Medical Care, news reports say. The Mississippi state court received a complaint from Mary Jane Brinkley on November 26, 2013 alleging that her husband, Thomas Brinkley, died of cardiac arrest on account of undergoing dialysis treatment. The dialysis treatment GranuFlo was recalled by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) after the several complaints were filed by patients regarding the side effects caused by the said product.

Granuflo was first used as part of the treatment program in order to normalize the bicarbonate levels in the blood but it was greatly unstable as it caused patients to have high levels of bicarbonate causing an array of medical problems that may eventually lead to a heart attack or stroke. The GranuFlo lawsuit was filed by Mrs. Brinkley almost two years after her husband’s death stating that they might not have given their consent to the treatment.

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Mississippi Woman Alleges GranuFlo Caused Husband’s Premature Death